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Diane - 64 Yrs Old

I reclaimed my confidence. I reclaimed my fitness and strength. I reclaimed being able to do anything with my grandkids!

I reclaimed my life and happiness. I just thought I had to get old. Now I'm getting young!" - Diane

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"Last week I had the huge opportunity to walk the runway in the dreamy Los Angeles, California . . . A special thanks goes to the trainer who has diligently and relentlessly worked with me to get me in the best shape possible for this. A little snippet from the fashion week and my results over the course of the weeks with the awesome Body By Banks. Thank you again for making my body absolutely runway ready!""

Ludovica Giusti
Body By Banks Client

Michael Banks

Michael Banks is the Founder and CEO of the highly successful Body By Banks Corporation.  Under his leadership, the Body By Banks Corporation has grown to become a recognized  business leader in the fitness and personal training industries.
  • Chief Designer of the Olympic Village Training Facility for 2002 Olympics  • Featured in CEO magazine 2010  
  • Broadcasted a fitness show on Comcast and appeared on NBC and Fox News  • Total transformation DVD Series sold in Walmart Stores  
  • Created highly successful fitness DVD Series including Total Transformation and SWEAT  • Successful launch of and various online training programs  
  • Salt Lake Magazine voted the Body By Banks 20,000 square foot training studio in Salt Lake  City “Beehive Top 100 Businesses”  
  • NBC Channel 5 SLC: featured a “Personal Productivity” segment for Utah business leaders  using the Bod y By Banks system  
  • Daily Herald Newspaper July 31, 2005 feature story “Body By Banks System Proves  Successful”  
  • KSL/ NBC News Team: trained with the Body By Banks system, becoming a year-long  documentary news feature 
  • NewWays International: Michael lectures to international audiences on the Body By Banks  system  
  • Jr. Olympic Women’s Volleyball Team: Michael Banks named Personal Trainer  
  • US Department of Health and Human Services: contracted Michael Banks to teach a health symposium targeting women throughout the country.  
  • Miss Utah Pageant Judge  
  • Savanah, Georgia Tybee Beach Fitness Event featuring Ruby from the STYLE network  • Quoted in Web MD  
  • 2017 Guinness World Records for Largest Facebook Live Online Fitness Camp
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